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Love this place!!

Posted by Meita H.

Happened to find it through a salon directory when I needed a quick massage one night after work that was closeby. It's hidden in an office building type building and the reception area is small, but tranquil. The prices are reasonable for a very good massage. Don't ever underestimate the power that comes out of little women's hands! They've been doing this for a long time!

You can get swedish, shiatsu or thai massages. The rooms are normal sized and you can ask them to draw the curtains as it gets a little bright in there. They also do parrafin masks for hands and feet. 

A definite must try for last minute or appointment based.


Posted by goondigity

Massage was wonderful, service was great and relaxing and really worked out my tense back. Thank you!

Nirvana found...

Posted by Danielle R

I forgot how amazing this place is! I went here a few years ago and recently had a nasty bout of back/core pain after a crazy ab class so I gave them a call. They fit me in with a last minute lunch time appointment and I didn't want to leave. There are two super clean treatment rooms and the staff are wonderfully friendly.

They rolled and bounced every last kink out of my back with a 25 minute Ease massage and did some crazy work on my hips too. I walked out blissfully loosened and limber... all in my lunch hour.


Posted by John M.

I was in heaven! The atmosphere is so peaceful and quiet. The people are so professional and friendly, they really make you feel at home. Highly Recommend.

Fixed my Neck!

Posted by mreyes1023

I pulled a muscle in my neck, and went here based on the reviews. I got the 30 min ease massage, and honestly my pain went away. This place is small, but it's really cute and relaxing. I liked the massage so much I got a gift certificate for my friend's birthday. I will definitely be back.

Pros: Great Massage and Great Value.

Fabulous thorough massage...

Posted by dadafatcha

Great massage but the physical space is a bit of a bummer....the "reception" area is teeny and a little run down...the treatment room was bare bones but I can't really complain b/c it was warm, clean, nice lighting and good white noise...and once the massage began I was in heaven for 80 min., well done...just wish the surroundings were more beautiful.

Pros: value, expertise

Cons: unattractive space

Highly recommended

Posted by n2ja

East and west meets at its best. It is not cheap in price, but you will get what you pay for it. Therapists here are trained best of what you can get from traditional Asian way but also from the latest in the arts of massages from the west. You can not get this kind of good massage anywhere in the world even in Japan. You can just relax and leave your tired body to the hands of therapists. Your body will tell you how good this place is.

A little heaven in Midtown

Posted by kd1737

The entire staff are so kind in spirit and strong in technique and skills. It's my favorite time of the week.

Pros: Convenient, Always on Time, Professional.

A Hidden Gem

Posted by stepk

It is not just the technique and the skill with which it is applied, although I would recommend Ease on that alone, it is the people. The staff is friendly, cheerful and caring. When I leave Ease after an appointment, I feel refreshed both physically and spiritually. My only fear about recommending them is that too many people will find what I found and make it hard for me to get an appointment.

Pros: Great Staff, Great Value.


Posted by Yaby

It was like in the heaven! Especially, facial one is really great. Highly recommended.

An incredible massage! Felt totally refreshed!

Posted by onachan

If you want a great massage come here! You won't be disappointed!


Posted by mhonzawa

You should really try it. They are wonderful. I have been for her client for more than 4 years.

Have not felt this good in weeks.

Posted by Monster

Great place, very friendly and experienced. With four visits, feeling great. The 80 minutes massage is the way to go. My lower back pain has greatly improved. Thanks.

Pros: Great location.

Massage bliss in Central Manhattan

Posted by toru

Very professional, utter bliss in midtown (next to Grand Central).

Pros: good technique, location (G.Central)

Cons: slightly cramped.

User review

Posted by Michael B.

Very professional, utter bliss in midtown (next to Grand Central).

Pros: good technique, location (G.Central)

Cons: slightly cramped.

Great Swedish massage & aromatherapy

Posted by xtine3

Absolutely wonderful massage! I've had many massages at different places in NYC, and I like this place the best. Great value, friendly staff, and while the place is small, it's clean and simple (not pretentious). Worked magic on knots, good pressure, and my body felt so relaxed. It was my first time with aromatherapy, and with 1 or 2 questions, my massage therapist blended something amazing for me (something like peppermint and grapefruit). Definitely going back!

Great Shiatsu-style massage.

Posted by ghosokawa

Great shiatsu-style massage at a very reasonable price. Tiny salon and does not have amenities but well worth the visit. THE answer to sore back and shoulders.

Ease Salon and Massage

Posted by Faran Alexis Krentcil(New York BEAUTY&SPAS)

Rarely does a spa merit a comparison with H&M, but Ease Salon and Massage is the exception. Like a cheap, addictive clothing store, this clean and sparse massage parlor offers dozens of quality treatments at tantalizingly low prices. Using a homemade blend of jojoba, coconut, and aloe extracts, the mostly Japanese staff performs everything from reflexology and hot stone treatments to massage and Aroma techniques that target pressure points; during aromatherapy shiatsu treatments, lavender, jasmine, and orange oils are added to the skin. Packages for couples are available, as are organic-sugar body scrubs and mini-facials. The small spa’s clientele includes many Japanese patrons, who enjoy both the Japanese-speaking staff and the Asian-themed services, particularly those that use heat to warm the collagen and help release toxins and pressure from the system. All treatments are priced by time, and instead of New Age music, jungle and forest sounds play throughout. Ease also offers small rooms for "pep naps" (sold in 25- and 50-minute sessions), so any stress not oiled, rubbed, or heated away can simply be dozed off.

WONDERFUL!! Ease Salon

Posted by nelladawn

I did a search for a lunch time massage in midtown and Ease came up. I was pleasantly surprised -- it was wonderful, affordable, and there is a great vibe to the space itself, in addition to the lovely staff. Highly recommend it!

Pros: loved it!

Cons: not a "high end" spa experience BUT wonderful for what it is.

User review

Posted by ayes920

Excellent place to go when in pain. I have an acid reflux since I went there for a reflexology once a week it's all gone. They take good care of my body too- those deep tissue massage really helps me a lot. I have been to different massage places before Ease and nothing like Ease Salon and Massage.

Global #1

Posted by emflanagan

The therapists at Ease train under Shizuka “Shico” Moriwaki who incorporates elements of several disciplines into an incredible, healing massage. I have had massage all over t he world and none of it equal to the massage at Ease.

Pros: great body work, good atmosphere, fairly priced.

Simply the best

Posted by libero

Shico and her colleagues have created the ultimate massage therapy in New York ... blending in a subtle, yet effective manner, Western and Oriental massage therapy techniques. I traveled to Japan regularly and I have yet not found a practice there that could match Ease Salon. Bravo...

healing hands for your soul & body

Posted by bassiszen

Shico & her more than capable staff have the gift of healing the injuries that plague us. NYC can be cruel and ease salon can help truly (pardon the pun) ease the pain.

User review

Posted by emiesteeves

I have been seeing Shizuka ”shico” (she is now at Ease Salon and Massage) for my bimonthly Shiatsu/Swedish massage for 9 years. She is absolutely fantastic.

I have to recommend it again... and again...

Posted by pearlypg

Each time I go to this place, I have to write something about it here. I LOVE THIS PLACE and have been going to Tomomi for 2 years now. And I went here again 2 weeks back and am still amazed that Tomomi is so consistent! I have never had a more consistently wonderful service, and I really don't want to jinx it!! I usually get the ease massage, and Tomomi is awesome. I so look forward to the massages, and sometimes she tries new things. She really works every knot from different angles till it goes away. She really listens when I tell her about my problem areas and makes them go away. I have never gone elsewhere, even to try new places, after coming to this place. The massages just make me melt and even after an 80 mins session, I want it to extend! You just have to try it to really know what I am talking about. Truly the best massage in NY, and I have been to many spas before this one! I am a regular customer, and I cannot recommend it enough! By the way, the place is tiny and you may hear some sounds outside, but once Tomomi starts her massage, nothing else matters really. Also, they don't accept credit cards but there are 2-3 ATMs right opposite this place. You just have to go here.

Pros: Excellent massage, Good staff

Cons: Tiny place

User review

Posted by funnygirl9999

My boyfriend and I went for an 80 minute session. We both agreed it was one of the best massages we'd ever had. Shico did a fantastic job working out all the kinks that I had in my neck and shoulders. I truly felt all the tension melt away. The spa is tiny, but the atmosphere is lovely and hospitable, and everyone is so pleasant and cheerful that it's impossible to leave with any stress. Very reasonable prices. the location is also super convenient.

What an amazing massage!

Posted by Mihaela‎

The experience was great! I booked the 50 min ease massage and what a treat that was.... Tomomi worked my entire body like a piece of dough... all the tension was gone! A bit sore the next day, but by the second day I felt great. Can't wait to go back in 10 days for a follow-up. BTW, I mentioned I found Ease Salon through Citysearch and they offered me the aromatherapy oil ($15 value) on the house - nice surprise.

User review

Posted by New Y.

FYI I have updated this review on 3/5/09, but it still shows up as 2006. I had to write a good review again for the consistency in excellent service I have received over the years. Not even Starbucks coffee is as consistent (quite the contrary), or McDonald's (once known for its cardboard-like consistent burgers).

I LOVE Ease salon. It is THE best place for a massage in NYC. I have been to so many places, and once I came across Ease I strayed a couple of times for change, but kept coming back here. I have been a customer for 3-4 years now with Tomomi, and she is awesome. I am a spa addict and love going for facials, massages, the works.

Each time I walk out I feel a big hole burned in my pocket with the price and tip. The services are never excellent - they are quite good, but I still feel the financial pinch. Not at Ease. I always walk out feeling that my money is well spent. In this recession, if I had to choose where to put my resources, I would put it behind Ease where my money is well spent.

When I read about best places on Citysearch, New York mag, etc., I wonder whether the mags got paid for the listing or the customers who selected them are easy to please. This place is completely under-rated, and while I like that because it is easier to get appointments, my loyalty makes me want to tell people about how good this place is and not to waste money elsewhere.

I love Ease and have sworn my undying loyalty to Tomomi. Each time she tries something new. She actually thinks about her approach when I tell her about my problem areas. She knows all the knots and works them till they are out! Since I have been going there for so long she knows my problem areas quite well. I always get the 80 mins Ease massage.

The place is very tiny and you may hear the noise outside, but the massage is so good that it doesn't bother me. They also charge tax if you pay by card, so its best to pay cash. There are 2-3 ATMs opposite this place. I don't care about the spas that have whirlpool, sauna, and what not because at the end of the day I want a good massage.

No, I am NOT an employee of this spa, but a regular customer who loves this little gem of a place.

Best 4 hand massage anywhere

Posted by gale146

Small cozy setting. I am a licensed massage therapist, so I have had many massages. The 4 hands medical ease massage was by far the best massage I have ever had. Both therapists perform shiatsu-style massage with simultaneous rhythm and pressure. AMAZING experience! If you're in town ask for Akemi or Tomomi , you won't regret it!!!!!

Pros: Great massage @ a reasonable price

Great Massage

Posted by honeyincali

Yuko is the best. I've been 3 times now, and it's always a very zen experience. It's quiet, tranquil and the massage is wonderful. The price is fantastic for the service. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Pros: Cost, cleanliness, great staff

Cons: In a congested area, so after work it's a LITTLE noisy at times