ease therapy

"ease Therapy®" was designed by Shizuka by skillfully combining the best of many massage modalities of the world—of the West and the East, modern and traditional—to bring the maximum results for all of us living busy lives of today.

Shizuka's original! The newest therapy: "Soma Reflexology®"

As in the feet, there are reflex points throughout the body. Based on her clinical experience, Shizuka mapped out corresponding reflex points and systematized them into an innovative Soma Reflexology®.

By simultaneously accessing multiple muscles which are in reflex relationship, the therapist is able to work on your pain quickly and effectively. It is known as "thousands hands therapy" as it feels as if you were being massaged by many hands!

*Aroma oils will be blended by Shizuka(Shico) according to your condition with no extra charge.

Junior(Relaxation) Senior(Therapeutic)

"ease Therapy®" is our salon’s original and a truly unique therapy. It consists of two parts, bringng the best of two worlds: anatomically-based Western modalities using oil and energy centered Eastern modalities accessing pressure points and meridians. It is a beautiful combination of the two worlds, bringing out the best of both!

Junior therapists will perform the first part of the "ease Therapy®". The technique incorporates Swedish Massage (Western treatment with oils), Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Myofascial Release Technique, and Reflexology, and is highly effective in improving blood and lymphatic circulation, releasing toxins and tension, and balancing hormonal and nervous systems. Great for swelling and stiffness after working out or long flights and for letting go of your stress. A sure way for a deep relaxation and a good night sleep!

It is a perfect blend of anatomically based Western modalities, such as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release Technique, reflexology, Cranio-sacral therapy, and Eastern techniques, such as Shiatsu and Anma, which harmonize energy flow by accessing pressure points and meridians. Thai traditional massage and Indonesian scalp massage are also incorporated.

Tailoring to each unique body type and musculature, the therapist approaches your body from front, back and both sides, thus creating a three dimensional, whole body treatment. We recommend our standard 100 minute session for you to experience the full effect of this innovative therapy. It is provided only by qualified senior therapists who have completed level 4 training under Shizuka(Shico) herself.


What to expect in a standard, 100 minute session of "ease Therapy®"?

First we will have you on your back with heat packs underneath to warm your back while we work on the front side of the body. Starting with Western techniques using oil on the superficial muscles, the healing touch slowly reaches deeper to release tension from nerves and fascia. A special attention is paid to relax and open the chest area where central lymph ducts are located. (, in order to improve circulation and to facilitate increased flow during and following the massage session.) The back of the feet are also treated at this time, also known as reflexology.

We then ask you to turn face down. Also using oil, we work on your back with soft touches first and gradually going deeper. A hot and moist towel will be applied to cover your entire back, giving warmth and steam for your body to absorb the benefit of the oil massage so far, as well as removing excess oil off the skin. And because it just plain feels good!

Now from over a sheet, your shoulders, lower back, and neck will be kneaded down, accessing the pressure points and meridians using Eastern wisdom.

Then another position change to be on your side, the treatment continues even further on the shoulders and lower back, on the deep muscles only accessible in this position. At this stage your muscles are already warm and relaxed, ready to receive deeper and more profound bodywork without feeling much discomfort.

Finally again on your back, the session comes to a closure with relaxing stretches and harmonizing strokes.

*The actual sessions vary as we tailor each treatment to your unique condition and depending on the duration of the session requested. Please email or call us if you have any questions.

Session Price List
  Junior Senior Master Shico
25 min. Mini Course
NOT in Service
Single $50 $70 $80 ---
Couple $100 $140 $160
50 min. Express Course Single $100 $140 $160 $200**
Couple $200 $280 $320 ---
100 min. Standard Course
Single $200 $280 $320 $400
Couple $400 $560 $640 ---

  • •Aroma oils of your choice can be added to any session with $15-30 extra charge.
  • •CBD oil also available with $20 extra.
  • •We are providing more than 50 minutes sessions at the temporary space. By appointment only.
  • **We are providing "take over(100 min)" or "overlap(80 min)" session with other therapist.
**Aroma List >> ease therapy
  • •You can request your favorite therapist with Therapist Preference Fee of $15.
  • •Shizuka”Shico” Moriwaki's session : Aroma oils will be blended by Shizuka(Shico) according to your condition with no extra charge. 50 min session is only available in combination with other sessions.

Shizuka”Shico” Moriwaki's Profile >>

Couple Massage



Feet have reflex points, areas that correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. Applying pressure to stimulate these reflex points activates the functions of their corresponding parts. Massaging the feet also improves the blood and lymphatic circulation, promotes the elimination of wastes, and reduces swelling.

by junior by senior
25 min. $40 $70
50 min. $80 $140

We are providing more then 50 minutes sessions at the temporary space. By appointment only.


ease facial Therapy

ease Facial Therapy is designed to ease tightness in your neck, shoulders and face.

The muscles of facial expression and mastication (chewing) are constantly at work. Too much tightness in these muscles can not only create uneven facial expressions, but also cause conditions such as TMJ syndrome, toothache and migraine as well as chronic neck and shoulder pain.

ease Facial Therapy cleanses the skin and massages each layer of facial muscle in the direction of the fibers, along with the neck muscles and their attachments. This improves blood and lymphatic circulation and softens the muscles, giving resilience and moisture back to your face.

We use FAITH products, made in Japan, skincare that focuses on repairing the inside of the skin’s surface. FAITH uses an innovative patented Nano-capsule delivery system to help the skin’s structure become healthier, leading to true inside-out beauty. Combined with Ease Facial Therapy, you will reach a healthier and brighter state never before experienced.

Session Price List
25 min. $70
50 min. $140

* Facial Mask of your choice can be added to the facial session with $15 extra charge.

MASK recommendation for SKIN TYPE
CALMING All FAITH beginners start here.
An anti-inflammatory mask to
gently sooth your skin.
BRIGHT Turn the skin to be 2 tones brighter!
A brightening mask to take away dullness
and also prevent spots and pigmentation.
MOIST Evaluate your skin to become soft
and moisturized
A hydration mask to provide clarity to the
skin by supplying plenty of moisture.
・Dehydrated skin
・Flaky skin
・Wrinkles by dryness
ENERGY Immediate tightening to the saggy skin to
bring rejuvenating results.An anti-aging
mask to approach your aging areas.
・Sagging skin
・Open pores


Prenatal Massage

Safe after 16 weeks of pregnancy, this massage will give great comfort and support for the mom-to-be. Specially designed to not pressure the growing and changing body, our experienced therapists can help reduce swelling in hands and feet and give relief for pain in the shoulders and lower back.

Session Price List
50 min. $140
75 min. $210


Aroma Therapy

Treatment using essential oil in conjunction with massage to enhance mood or physical condition.

Aromatherapy is a treatment using fragrant substances including essential oils, naturally extracted from plants (flowers, trees, fruits, herbs, roots and seeds), in an effort to promote the body's innate ability to heal itself, and to restore and maintain physical and psychological well-being.

The scent of essential oils enters through the olfactory system to the limbic system of the brain and activates its function to control moods, emotions and memory. The scent inhaled into the lungs enters the blood through the alveoli and stimulates the internal organs. Essential oils massaged into the skin are absorbed into the bloodstream through capillaries and lymphatic vessels distributing its therapeutic properties to the entire body.

(Our regular price for aroma massage is $15 extra, and $30 extra for precious essential oil such as Rose, Jasmine, Neroli, and Sandal wood.)

Shoko Tanaka -Clinical Aroma Therapist -

Shoko came to US in 2007 and studied Cosmetology at Santa Monica College and beauty school in Los Angeles. After graduated, she started working as an assistant of makeup artists. However, she got severe allergy and had been feeling sick all day long. Finally, she decided to leave the assistant position because of her health issue. More using medicine, more symptoms got worse. She realized importance of holistic approach and started learning massage and aromatherapy. In 2010, she got licensed of massage therapy in State of California. Since essential oils were most beneficial and safe to use, her allergy was completely healed. She was impressed by clinical field of aromatherapy. Then she got certificate from National Aromatherapy of Holistic Association in 2012. Now she is working as a clinical aroma therapist in NYC to teach and share holistic health care by using essential oils.

Aroma List


Crystal Bed Therapy

The crystal bed is a healing modality that uses an array of specially cut and lighted quartz crystal. A session on the crystal bed is often prescribed by the Entities for rejuvenation, alignment, and in preparation for further healing work. These sessions help balance, clear, and restore the body's energetic template.

Crystal bed sessions last for 25 - 50 minutes. The person receiving the session rests face up with eyes closed as they bathe in the light energy of the crystals The colored lights correspond to the seven chakras, which are energy centers that spin the energy through our energetic and meridian system. Light and color shine through each crystal in an alternating pattern, creating a spiraling amplification of vital energy. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for “wheel" and refers to the seven energy centers of the body. Chakras are aligned in an ascending center column from the base of the spine to the top of the head. The chakras spin and draw in the life force energy (Prana / Chi / Ki) to keep the physical and subtle bodies in balance. The meridian system, as described in Chinese medicine, is a network of energy pathways of the body's vital life force.

Crystals are capable of transmitting, storing, and modulating energy. The highly organized state of the quartz crystals allows photons to move without being trapped and condensed as in other forms of matter. A crystal is, therefore, a tool for using light and energy in specific ways. The health-giving effects of crystal therapy result from the vibration of the crystals resonating with the water in our tissues and cells. Structured water has increased surface tension and bonding properties. It is the pure state of water found in healthy cell tissue. Cancer cells and other unhealthy cells contain unstructured water. The vibrational patterns amplified by the Crystal Bed Treatments manifest as higher and higher levels of order, harmony, and awareness.

Reference; Heather, Cumming. 2007. John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who's Touched the Lives of Millions
Session Price List
25 min. $45
50 min. $65